A little bit of magic for business expense management

Levima simplifies business expense management by linking prepaid debit cards with smart app and online platform so your team can manage expenses anytime, anywhere.

Control your cash upfront

Individual card for each employee funded any time, anywhere

Wave goodbye to manual data entry

Smart scan receipts on the go: no more lost receipts, no more wasted time, no more late reports

Get total oversight

Real time reports and dashboards helping you make better business decisions


Prepaid cards

Control your cash upfront & reduce risk

  • The debit card for business
  • Reduce risk -Individual card for each employee
  • Fund cards anytime, anywhere directly or based on requests
  • Employees can spend easily and securely online, in store or on the go around the world

Smart tech

Save time & money with smart and efficient processes

  • Capture receipts on the go – smart scanning means no lost receipts & no manual data entry
  • Automatic reconciliation of receipts and card transactions – no more duplication
  • On time, every time – no more late reports
  • No subscription fees means no barrier to entry for small companies or fluid teams


Real time oversight and smart reporting to help you make better business decisions

  • Real time reporting and dashboards give total spend visibility and help identify trends and forecast cash flow
  • Link spend to projects or clients to truly understand the cost, and value, of your business
  • Use insight to drive better business decisions such as new policies and group purchasing


Be in control

  • Request process identifies potential out-of-policy spend ahead of time
  • Simple approvals flows allow for rapid decision making when allocating budget
  • Spend thresholds can be based on activity not seniority
  • Audit trail gives total visibility and transparency


Anytime, anywhere – business management for today's world

  • Manage requests for spend anytime, anywhere
  • Transfer money around the world
  • Sync your business calendar and trips with expenses so you can associate spend with specific trips, projects and clients
  • Online and offline modes


Seamless integration with other tools for smart business

  • Designed with simplicity for user in mind to solve your business problems
  • Synced with business calendar and travel planning
  • Integrates seamlessly with other business tools like QuickBooks for maximum efficiency and value

Save time and money

Improvements in travel and expense management can bring considerable cost savings, while increasing policy compliance and reducing fraud
10 hours

Average time wasted submitting expenses per employee, per month when process isn't automated.


Average spent on out-of-policy claims per employee, per year because companies lack visibility to enforce policies.


Amount an automated expense management system can reduce the cost of processing expense claims.

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Simple. Easy. Efficient.

1 Enroll

Sign your business up & get individual cards for each employee

2 Fund cards

Either directly or wait for requests. Either way, funds are transferred quickly no matter where they are

3 Spend securely

Wherever employees need to spend on business accounts they can do so safely and securely

4 Manage on the go

Employees can use the app to record receipts at time of purchase and link them to their calendar, assigning costs to trips, projects and clients. Smart scanning automatically reads receipts so there is no need to manually enter data and no more lost receipts

5 Analyse expense data and get insight into your spend

Review spend in real time. Discover trends, predict cashflow, see actual cost of business by project or clients helping you identify true value and opportunities

About us

We run businesses too and feel the pain that bad processes and bad technologies can have on your efficiency, bottom line and even happiness. Everything we do here at Levima is designed to make your business life easier.

Our mission

  • Radically redesign business services, making administration cheaper, better and faster for small businesses and teams
  • Always design with simplicity for users in mind and seamlessly integrate with all your other business tools.
  • Free up money, resources and attention to help put it back to the really important work. Your Business.

Subscription Free

We believe in small businesses and understand how administration can hold you back. We’re the only service with no subscription fees linking prepaid debit cards and a smart management solution for business so there is no barrier to entry for small companies or fluid teams.